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BSP Gymnastics Coaching – Year 2


Through Birchwood Sports Partnership (BSP), Year 2 had the opportunity to take part in a coaching session at Stortford Gymnastics. They practised routines in preparation for the BSP gymnastics competition which will take place next term and were also taught how to use a variety of apparatus. It was a highly enjoyable and beneficial morning’s session, with several children being identified as showing potential to be entered into the competition.

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BSP Year 5/6 Basketball Tournament 2016

This was the biggest tournament of the year with 18 teams from local schools taking part. Mrs Hopkinson and Mrs Dale took 8 Year 5 pupils (Annie, Genevieve, Katie, Erin, Alex, Henry, James and Max) along to the tournament which was held in the gymnasium at Birchwood School. We played in two teams, subbing in to allow everyone to have a chance to play an equal amount of games. We won two games and lost two games and in the final round went through to win our group level placing us 13th in the tournament. All the pupils played to a very high level with some particularly skilful goal shooting by James and Max. Some tactful, quick play from Alex helped to set up these baskets too. It was a really well-organised tournament with all teams playing right up to the final rounds as there were no knock out rounds but rather a clever grouping system. It was a great afternoon and once again St Michael’s pupils were great ambassadors for our school.

Mrs Hopkinson