BSP Sports Hall Athletics Competition- Friday 27th January, 2017

Once again we took part in the BSP Sports hall Athletics Competition with eight Year 5 and eight Year 6 pupils taking part. The competition is divided into two sections field and track which included such activities as Chest Push, Long Jump, Javelin, Obstacle Race and Hurdles, finishing with several relay races. The pupils fully entered into the spirit of the competition with especial mentions to Iris for one of the longest Standing Long Jumps and Austin for some very fast relays. Although we weren’t placed in the top three schools, everyone performed to a very high standard and were great ambassadors for St Michaels. A fun, energetic afternoon was had by all the pupils as the photos below show.

Mrs Hopkinson

IMG_3050       IMG_3045 IMG_3046 IMG_3047 IMG_3048 IMG_3049 IMG_3050 IMG_3051 IMG_3052 IMG_3054 IMG_3055 IMG_3057