Monthly Archives: March 2017

BSP Level 3 Speed Stacking Competition

Well done to all the pupils in Year 4 who came first in the Birchwood Sports Partnership (BSP) Virtual Speed Stacking Competition.

We were able to take the eight pupils with the fastest times to represent  BSP at the  Level 3 Competition at Woodson Park on Tuesday 28th March. Although we didn’t win the overall competition, the team performed to a high level and enjoyed the experience of taking part in a Level 3 competition.

Thank you to all the parents who supported us by helping with transport to and from the event.  Thanks also to Mrs Pickering and Mrs Tozer for helping the pupils reach this level of the competition.

Mrs Hopkinson

Rising Stars Trampolining Day

On Friday 17th March, the PTA generously paid for a fun day of  trampolining for all the children to participate in.

Rising Stars (our sports coaching company)  set up two trampolining ‘beds’ in the school hall and each class from Nursery through to Year 6 took turns to have an introductory session. The instructors explained the need for safety whilst using the beds and then taught the children a series of different jumping and landing techniques before having some fun with games such as ‘toast’, ‘donut bouncing’ and ‘zombie’.

Thanks must go to our hardworking PTA for providing such a fantastic extra-curricular activity for the pupils. The children had a brilliant time and many have asked if we can run a club in school so watch this space.

Take a  look at the attached photos to see what a great experience it was.

Mrs Hopkinson


Football Coaching

This term Year 1 and Year 3 have been very fortunate to benefit from some extra football coaching through the Birchwood Sports Partnership programme. Both classes enjoyed 3 sessions with Gary, a local football coach, practising a range of skills and playing short matches. The weather did not always lend itself to outdoor activities (we experienced the full force of Storm Doris on one of the days!) but they managed to complete all the sessions with the class teachers reporting that the children really enjoyed this opportunity. As always with St Michael’s pupils, they participated fully and demonstrated a ‘Growth Mindset’ approach to the inclement February weather as you can see from the attached photographs.

Mrs Hopkinson