Birchwood Sports Partnership Football League 18.5.17

This is the first year St Michael’s has participated in the BSP football league and we started off with a match last Thursday against Hillmead School at home.

The team was made up of pupils from Years 5 and 6 who had taken part in Tim Moylette’s football club in the Autumn term. They were very keen to get started despite the rain and although we weren’t the first team to score, we quickly caught up. There were some fantastic goals from both sides with a particularly notable goal from our goal keeper!

We eventually lost 5-6 but the match was very closely played and one of our goals was disallowed which would have made the result a draw.

The team played very well especially as this was their first match and should be very proud of this, hopefully going on to greater things in the next few matches coming up.

Mrs Hopkinson